If you’ve ever met Danny Malone, you know he does what he wants to, he’s an artist. Driven impulsively, he’ll change setlists at the last second, rifling through his back catalog in an instant. He’ll repurpose his barn from living space, to rehearsal room, to recording studio or music venue all in a day. Then in the next week he’s left for an ambiguous vacation/tour/extended stay in NY. It’s this artistic compulsion which drives Malone to create constantly.  

His latest, SpeedDreamer, echoes this mischievous impulse to make something new while still embodying the quality instincts of a seasoned songwriter. He does it again here with an infectious set of songs presented with a fresh sonic direction.

This is one for the headphone junkies.
An album to turn down the lights and lay on the floor with.  

Recorded in his SuperMagicBarnFantastic multi-use space, he self-produced this record in isolation with one mic and a 4-track cassette recorder. It's an intriguing, lo-fi departure from his typically folk-influenced sound. SpeedDreamer is a stark departure from his last record’s concise arrangements, devolving the production to a cassette tape. Where Balloons was in your face, blending pristine production and raw acoustics with aggressive, dance riffs, Malone descibes SpeedDreamer as “an album to fall asleep to. You could either listen to it, fall asleep to it or make love to it; mellow and smooth”


SpeedDreamer will be released Tues Nov 18th

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