"If you’ve ever met Danny Malone, you probably haven't.  He's an open book of invisible ink.  The crippling invisible.  He sees the unsayable, and says the unseeable.  He can lie to you with an unsettling ease, for he doesn't rely in a thing believes.  He might save your life.  He might up and leave.  I love him to death, yet I probably won't grieve.   His favorite time of day was always mourning.  He's fragile as his porcelain pale.  But on stage, something damns him, I know this now viscerally.  It's beautiful, hard to watch, but somehow so easily. He sure as hell has never been boring.  He's a fiercely loyal friend because he has so very few of them.  So please all of you, don't take him too seriously.  He knows what he's doing.  

That's all I can think to say about him right now."

---Sincerely, Danny's best friend (who wishes to remain anonymous)


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