new album - SpeedDreamer coming Nov 18th.

new album - SpeedDreamer coming Nov 18th.



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Release Date: June 4, 2013

Danny Malone is one of the best musical movements to ever come out of Austin, Texas, and a lot of good things have come out of Austin, Texas.

His new album ‘Balloons’ solidifies him as an expert in sincere, powerful songwriting that never sacrifices its poetic finesse. It’s as if Danny has taken his heart, fermented it in a 16th century castle in Denmark, and wrung it out over 11 songs, all filled with melodic poetry and great soundscapes. Bottoms up! You’ll be drinking some of the finest singer/songwriter brew that has been served for several years. (Music Worth Reviewing)

Balloons was recorded in Denmark, in a 15th Century castle called Engelsholm. The castle is widely believed to be haunted by the souls of tortured slaves housed there many hundreds of years ago, as well as those of the philosophers and Alchemists who freed the castle of slavery after buying it from the Danish King.

Danny and co-producer Mattie Smith spent 10 days recording 10 songs in this castle.

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