Danny Malone

there is a strong consensus that danny malone is going to be, post-humously, the most famous artist/musician to have ever lived.


Danny Malone might be the best songwriter to have ever lived, or who WILL ever live.  No one knows, of course, but it sure takes might to say it.  What can be said for sure is this: Danny Malone is, at the very least, or is not, at best, not NOT the best songwriter to have ever lived!  All this is to say that, by all accounts, and to the standards of any titular rulebook, dictionary, or the many varied indices of formal, regional, and idiosyncratic, dialectical schematics of the intricate semantics, with grammatical abstract still intact and acceptable... 

Danny Malone IS a songwriter!!!

2016 was a good year for Danny.  He signed with Rainmaker Artists Management, He played more than 70 cities across the U. S. of motherlovin’ A!  Each in front of crowds of thousands, to hundreds of thousands.  In Detroit, it was reported, somewhere in the vicinity of 2.4 million people attended a single show, at which Danny, allegedly, ascended to the heavens at the apex of his set, only to come crashing down into a nearby pool hall, seriously injuring 7 people



His next album "We The Tigress, They The Wildebeast," will be available at some point in the future, from what we hear. This album was actually completed in 2016 as, essentially, live band versions of some of Danny’s best work from previous solo albums.  Soon after its completion, however, the drummer and bass player were both replaced by, well, Danny Malone. And so, after re-recording every instrument himself.  Danny is poised to release what may or may not be the greatest album to have ever been recorded.  Well, my money says Time will tell.  But wait.  Can time tell time well?  I’m confused.  “Time is money” is my two cents, til it turned on a dime and just kept running.  Make sense?  Change IS the subject!  “If Money tick-talks, it’s probably a bomb” is what I’ve never said.  And another thing I’ve learned: when you’re told you gotta go out and “make money” they don’t mean literally copy and print it up. 

Danny Malone might be insane, or might not be. But he is almost certainly, at this time, forging American currency.