Join Me.

I’m an artist. I do what I wanna, when I wanna. Now, I’m also sharing what I wanna. When I wanna.

It works like this — you pay some money to join, I have more money to buy food, pants and stuff. I need the food to sustain myself when I record. I need the pants so that I don’t get arrested every time I try to buy food and stuff.

End result: I share more DM art and stuff.

I know, it was hard to get my head around at first too. You have to trust me on this one. Thank you SOOO much!!!

1Love —Danny

Here’s a sample track that you can to stream from my members only site. If you picked up Tigress at one of the shows from the Blue October song then you don’t have this version. I think it’s way better. Whatchya think?