Hey, Danny here.

What have I been up to? Mostly, I’m just working on creating a lot of audio content, rather than focusing on playing a bunch of shows. I know I, personally, don’t go out and see a lot of shows. I like to watch videos, and listen to music at home, usually alone. So I’m making a bunch of stuff that people like me can enjoy at home. I’m a homebody. Always have been. Soon, I imagine the demand will be there to a degree that I’ll feel selfish if I don’t get out and start touring more. So, I’m planning some tours and getting ideas on how to make it financially possible for me. I’m pretty poor. But I’m gonna make it work. With your help, that is. Recording costs money and a brothas gotta eat. So thanks for throwing me a few bucks. I really appreciate it!

Fans: don’t worry! I’ll be there eventually :)

1Love —Danny


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by Danny Malone

We The Tigress, They The Wildebeast

by Danny Malone

Release Date: TBD

All songs written and produced by Danny Malone. (mostly) Engineered and mixed by Eric D. Holtz at up/down studios, Austin TX



by Danny Malone

Released November 18, 2014.
Recorded on a 4-track cassette recorder, with one microphone, a Shure SM58.
by Danny Malone at SuperMagicBarnFantastic.
Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Mastering.



by Danny Malone

Released: 2013

Balloons was recorded in a 15th Century haunted castle in Western Denmark. There is an unflinching, unsettling outpouring of secrets that stirs up brilliant moments of combined unease and fascination. Balloons defies genre. Folk, Pop, Electro, Hip Hop.



by Danny Malone

Released August 8, 2009.

Danny Malone's studio debut. Recorded at Hot Tracks!!!

Produced by Mattie Smith and Danny Malone



by Danny Malone